Burger Fish (Ltd Ed)


Small wave performance isn’t just for the pros. The Burgerfish makes surfing easy. Light it up on the most fun board you will ever surf!

Tech Concept

The Burgerfish has been born from the love of speed and getting the most out of your surfing in less than perfect conditions. No one wants a frustrating surf, especially when they don’t always get to pick the best window of opportunity when the waves are pumping. This doesn’t mean pack as much foam as possible in to a small board; otherwise you end up with something that only works in mushy, gutless waves.  The Burgerfish is your go to board when you want plenty of fun, plenty of waves, and you want it to be easy. The Burgerfish meshes the fun elements of a fish with the demand for control when going faster, without going overboard on volume. Before you say it, yes, it has got a lot of volume, but that volume is spread cleverly through the foil and outline of the board. The decks double concave is designed to help alleviate that corky, slidey feel of other high volume boards so you can really use your weight to push the rails into proper turns. The first thing you feel on this board is the float you have when paddling, the harder, boxier rails keep the board sitting higher in the water which minimises drag at lower speeds. So straight off the bat you are catching waves easily. Once up on your feet, you will start to feel the lift from the concaves, this speed is fairly instant even in weaker surf. The wider outline and flatter entry rocker maintain more connection with the water, offering stability and down the line drive, but the increase in tail rocker and an extension of rail length from a higher wide point gives the board a lovely loose feeling, which is great for throwing down your turns when usually you would be bogging rail or still trying to gain initial speed. The deck line also offers a step down rail and double concaves, so you get great responsiveness through turns that you just can’t get from other higher volume boards. The whole concept is to utilise the boards outline in smaller waves to keep up performance whilst alleviating the lack of control too much foam gives you.  What you are left with is a board that is bundles of fun to surf.